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I bought this car in 1997 and have been modifying it ever since. My wife and friends have helped transform this from a quick street car into a psychotic track terror. 00 Cobra R 13" brakes, maximium motorsports suspension, with bilestein coilovers, Nitto NT01 tires, 9"& 10.5' rims

UPDATE 3/23/12: A few years ago I had removed the supercharger and did a time trial race in NA mode the car did great but it just wasnt as exciting to drive without boost. So I reinstalled the blower but this time order a larger pulley to drop boost from 12 to 9 psi. Had good results car didnt heat soak near as much, and more controllable to drive. After years of fighting with heat soak on the road course from the non intercooled supercharger I decided it was time for change. So I sold the supercharger last year. Converted it to naturally aspirated for a few months, experimenting with a fox body throttle body conversion using a 75mm tb. Throttle response was greatly improved, car felt snappier but wasnt fast enough. Thought about increasing compression,cams,heads on the 331, but the simple fact was it just wasnt going to have enough power in NA mode. Considered building a big bore 427 Windsor or a Brand X LS1 for it but neither would have the same power as the blower offered.

So for the past year I have been scouring out parts and rebuilding in a our whole new shop with some expert assistance. This time it is going all out,

Using BOSS 302 Block bored and stroked to 331 with EFI super victor intake and now running a T76 Turbo, also installed fuel syetem and Fuel cell. Should be melt your face off fast stay tuned :)



This was the B50 331ci Vortech Supercharged @ 12psi with Trick Flow heads


662HP(calcuated flywheel from rwhp) 552rwhp & 527 rwtq

Carolina Motorsport Park (CMP) 10/10

Put 00 Cobra R brakes an03 cobra wheels to clear the brakes, installed torque arm and reduced boost to 9psi. Supercharger heat was much leas, corner exit speed was greatly improved, much more braking power. Brakes are still overheating had to rebleed at track with Castrol SRF fluid. Porsche club events are excellent tons of track time very well run events. Ran 1.46 with less power from last event, Brakes and rear wing are limiting factor now

Carolina Motorsport Park (CMP) 10/08

Porsche club racing is great lots of track time, great drivers, and great organization. Reinstalled supercharger for this event I did have some problems with loose header bolts on first 2 heats. Had the wrong brake pad compound which made stopping very scary!

Ran a 1:46 lap time


Maxton Airstrip

Ran 159.6 MPH with 5psi of boost in 1 mile. I wanted to run faster but car but the car did not have necessary safety equipment to run past 159.9mph.  So I got as close as I could with out getting banned!  I believe it would run 186mph with full boost rear gear limited..

This was from 2nd time back the year after:

Road Atlanta 03/08

I removed the supercharger now 315rwhp sae, running NT01's with 10.5 in the rear, new front end, new hood, new exhaust, new k member, oil cooler, brake cooling ducts.

1.42 lap time the car ran flawlessly, weather was great!



 Road Atlanta 03/06

Raced in the Time Trial with NASA Southeast.  We entered TTA division, then found out I need to be in TTU (Unlimited).

Running in these time trials was awesome, unlimited passing on any part of the track, and out there with really fast cars and fast drivers.

Fastest lap was 1.45. After this event I have realized the need for race tires and better suspension.


 Virginia International Raceway 02/06

Weather was terrible!! snowed on Saturday and cleared up on Sunday but was on 19degrees!!  Lots of people crashed out at this event :(   Almost ran off on Sunday due to oil on the track!!! 

We only got two events that were dry and clean.......  rough weekend.

VIR video @ 165MPH!!

This is on the back straight at Virginia International Raceway pegged the speedo past 150mph VIR is crazy fast!!!!


 Road Atlanta 08/05

Ran the Mustang at Road Atlanta in HPDE 2 with Danielle, Jeff, and Doug - we had a great time!!!   

Best lap time was 1.48 via stopwatch.

 Road Atlanta Pictures

Road Atlanta Video


Virginia International Raceway 11/04  

Drove the stock SRT-4 to Danville, Virginia and ran at VIR had a great time, what a great track!

Fastest lap 2.12 via gps transponder.

SRT-4 VIR Video


Mooresville Dragway  

 1/8mile in 7.85sec @ 95mph with 1.97 60ft

Click here to see the 7.85 pass video 

Rockingham Dragway  

12.0 @122 with 2.2 60ft (clutch started slipping) :(

Click here to watch in car the 12.0 pass video


Daily Drivers

2002 Corvette Z06

1998 Mustang Cobra Convertible

2004 Yamaha R1

I love draggin' knees!

CMP 10/08 Sportbike Track Day


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